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Adapting Zuki Top Menu to Better Accessibility


  • Julia Johansson started the conversation

    Hi, the top menu in Zuki theme looks great. However, when it doesn't wrap in the mobile menu we get a number of complaints from people who expect it to be in the hamburger menu when they are on a mobile device. We also had an accessibility expert look at our site and they said the same. Will you perhaps change this in the future? If I were to change it now, how would you recommend to go about it? Just add the mobile wrap class to it or something more? Thank you.

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    Marc replied

    Hi Julia,

    thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately we will most likely don't add any features to the theme anymore.

    To implement such a behavior I'd include the top menu entries to the main menu and hide those in the desktop layout while hiding the top menu on smaller screens.

    The following sample CSS code can be a start for these adjustments:

    #header-top-nav {
        display: none;
    @media screen and (min-width: 1260px) {
        #site-nav #menu-item-115 {
            display: none;
        #header-top-nav {
            display: block;


  • Julia Johansson replied

    Okay, aha I see. Thank you very much, this helped a lot!