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logo/text on the homepage


  • Marina Turtzer started the conversation

    Hi there! I have recently switched to the Werkstatt theme and I am running into some issues on the mobile/ipad version... The text on the homepage is not being displayed correctly (the first lines are missing). I've tried making the logo smaller than 60px (which looks awful on the desktop version), but it didn't help either. 

    Any suggestions on how to fix it? 

    I appreciate your support!

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    Thomas replied

    Hi Marina,

    have you already been able to fix the issue yourself? Looks okay on my phone (see screenshot attached)

    Best wishes, Thomas

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  •   Marina Turtzer replied privately
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    Marc replied

    Hi Marina,

    this is because of the height of your logo. The following additional CSS code should help:

    #overlay-wrap {
        padding-top: 87px;
    @media screen and (min-width: 1025px) {
        #overlay-wrap {
            padding-top: 0;