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default fonts of Yoko theme


  • Sergio Lopez started the conversation

    I just want to know the font and the size of both, the titles and the base text of the Yoko theme (their default values), because when I changed them in Wordpress, the apearence of my site did not ike me. I want to return to the default values.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your reply

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    Thomas replied

    Hi Sergio,

    since Yoko is now Open Source, you can simply grab the style.css from GitHub and overwrite the one that you edited.

    Best wishes, Thomas

  • Sergio Lopez replied

    Sorry, I am not a developer who don´t understant what you mean. I am a commmon user that wanted to know the default tipography that Yoko had in terms of plain lenguage, the one that any regular user would set in Wordpress (size and type of font).

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    Thomas replied

    Sorry, I am also not a developer, just a regular user like you.

    But I have just verified that the Yoko theme has no options for changing the font family or font size in the Customizer -- and I have no idea where you changed your typography "in WordPress".

    Since the styling is defined in the style.css, I just recommended that you download that file from the GitHub repository and overwrite the one in your installation with it (to change everything back to the theme defaults). And if you do not know how to do that, you might want to ask somebody else to help you.

    Good luck, Thomas