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Issues using the theme


  • Emma Walsh started the conversation

    I've recently purchased the Zuki theme and a few things aren't appearing that are outlined in your demo video. For example, the medium thumbnail or bigger thumbnail widgets? 

    The only Zuki widgets that I have access to are: Big recent posts, quote, recent posts background, and small recent posts. 

    How can I access these other widgets?

    I'm also having problems getting some of the existing widgets working. For example, the 'small recent posts' widget, I have selected thumbnail and 



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      zukie small recent posts - no image.png
      zuki widgets available.png

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    Marc replied

    Hi Emma,

    you're using Zuki for WordPress.com. Since there are differences between the version for WordPress.com and for a self hosted WordPress installation please ask your questions again here: https://premium-themes.forums.wordpress.com/forum/elmastudio/zuki/


  • Emma Walsh replied

    None of the questions there receive any response despite being several months old? Regardless of my wordpress access, I've actually specifically paid for your theme - rather than received it as part of WordPress premium account.

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    Ellen replied

    Hi Emma,

    I'm so very sorry for the confusion in regards to the support forum. It's totally no problem to ask for support here, I will also check on the WordPress.com forum to find out why there have not been answers to the questions there.

    So if you have any further questions you can just choose to ask them either here or on WordPress.com.

    Regarding your question: I'm not 100% sure, which introduction video you saw for Zuki. Unfortunately the self-hosted Zuki theme version has slightly different features compared to the one on WordPress.com. This has technical reasons in regards to the WordPress.com platform. You can find the documentation and intro video for Zuki on WordPress.com here: https://theme.wordpress.com/themes/zuki/ (in case you have not seen the video there).

    Regarding your questions:

    The Zuki theme on WordPress.com has fewer Zuki post widgets, but instead you can choose the layout option within the widget to get the same layout results as on a self-hosted website.

    So for example if you choose the "Zuki: Big Recent Post" widget you can find 2 layout options under "Choose Post Layout" to get different post layout results. With these post layout options you can build all different post widgets you can see on the Zuki demo website.

     Your 2. issue is maybe related to my explanation above. Could you check, if you have set the widget to the correct post layout? 

    Just reply here in this ticket and I will get back to you asap.

    Thanks so much for your patience.


  • Emma Walsh replied

    Hi Ellen

    Thanks for coming back to me - appreciate the help.

    Re: widgets having multiple layout options - whilst that is true of the big widget option, and the small recent posts widget does have an option to display it either with or without a thumbnail - a) the thumbnails are not showing when they are selected in this widget (as you can see in the attached screenshot) and b) there don't seem to be any zuki widgets available that give me the option to display the medium sized widgets in the examples on the link below. 

    (Again attached - original screenshots provide examples of the only widgets I have access to).



    Attached files:  zukie small recent posts - title plus small image selected.png
      widget layouts not available 1.png
      widget layouts not available 2.png
      widget layouts not available 3.png