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instagram widget


  • Monique started the conversation

    Hello, have you experiment issue with the instagram widget lately on UKU theme?

    It seems Instagram can't be loaded in the home page since yesterday night. Thank you for your support!

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    Marc replied


    unfortunately Instagram has limited retrieving their images using a plugin. If you're hosting your website on a shared hosting plan all customers using the same IP address provided by your hosting provider have the same limit. We're currently looking for alternatives. For now you can only wait until your website has the chance to get an unblocked connection to Instagram.


  • Monique replied

    Hi Marc,

    Thank you for the info!

    Have a good day. Best,


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    Thomas replied

    Hi Monique,

    You might want to give this plugin a try. Has always worked flawlessly for me.

    Best wishes, Thomas

  • Monique replied

    Thank you for the info Thomas, I will have a look  :)

  • Monique replied

    Thank you Thomas, it works!