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shop front page not showing header or correct formatting


  • Isabel Lambourne started the conversation

    Today Friday 23rd August the theme has lost the header image and all the formatting that I customised. I reinstalled the theme. My purchase had lapsed, I don't know if this is related, so I purchased the theme bundle again.

    Another reason could be that I activated Woo Commerce - I think it was after that the theme stopped displaying properly, or it could be after I activated my SSL certificate. I now have the padlock at the top.

    Thank you

  • Isabel Lambourne replied

    HI, I have been uninstalling and reinstalling the theme and child theme several times but the problem is still there. I also tried deactivating plugins and clearing the cache but it said there was nothing in the cache. 

    In the Homepage customisation menu I can select 'show recent posts' then the header image and About section are shown on the homepage, but not the products. When I select the other option 'static page' the products are shown but the header image and about section are missing.  Additionally, the header text I have selected to be in light, however it is showing in black. Please help.

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    Marc replied


    you're currently using the Weta theme, so I'm not able to inspect the issues.

    Did you use the serif design style of Uku? Only this design style supports WooCommerce.

    Activating SSL encryption may need some adjustments to work properly and can result in such issues. Did you change the home and site URL properly and made sure all assets were available using the https protocol?


  • Isabel Lambourne replied

    HI Mark

    I switched to the Weta theme as I couldn't repair the problem with the Uku theme. I will contact you if I have any issues with this theme. Thank you