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  • Suseela started the conversation

    Suidobashi / Wordpress 5.2.2

    After updating; the font size is to small... can hardly read it anymore.

    And also the column of the text is smaller now (It used to be wider... now the text column is as wide as te picture above). And what ever I try, I can not change the font size.

    Also if I click at the PENCIL ICON (to change the text); it now brings me to the media library...

    And the DISTANCE between the HEADER and the paragraph is far to large now. (Can I change this?)

    Can you help me out? Thank you in advance!

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    Thomas replied

    Hi Suseela,

    I don't think that this is a WordPress issue. Did you accidentally change your browser zoom? Also, you could try a forced reload w/ Ctrl + Shift + R.

    A link to your site would be helpful for further analysis.

    Good luck, Thomas

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    Marc replied

    Hi Suseela,

    you're using Suidobashi in version 1.0.4. The latest version 1.0.7 would be compatible to WordPress' new block editor.

    By default the image caption text is displayed so small with Suidobashi and it will be displayed as wide as the image only. You can adjust the font size using additional CSS code. The following sample code can be a start:

    .entry-content p.wp-caption-text {
        font-size: 16px;
        font-size: 1rem;

    Most browsers provide a tool to inspect the used CSS code of elements. Simply right click on an element and select "Inspect Element", "Element Information" or else and the tool will open. It shows the used CSS and how to address the elements in custom code. Doing so you could reduce the white space you were mentioning for example.