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Pukeko the right theme choice?


  • Caro started the conversation

    Dear all,

    I am about to buy the Pukeko Theme but I still have one big basic question (this will be my first website). 

    The Site will be a "simple" one for a small craftsmen business. So it should contain following pages: home, about, services, testimonials, gallery, contact. 

    Now I am wondering if Pukeko is the right choice because as I understand it, I will not need the Blog-Function. 

    I would be very grateful for some enlightenment! :)

    Thank you


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    Ellen replied

    Hi Caro,

    I'm so very sorry for my late reply here in the forum. Please excuse me for this.

    Yes, I would also recommend Pukeko from the info you gave here. You don't need to use the blog with any WordPress theme, it's always optional. 

    Maybe you can add a small "news" feature using the blog posts later on as well, you will always have this option but you don't need to use it.

    Best Regards and Thanks for your patience,


  • Caro replied

    Dear Ellen,
    now I am also late! :)
    Thank you very much for your reply!!
    Now I am very clear about what I need and what I am able to do and what not …
    And so it turned out that I do need a bit more time and am unfortunately not able to do the work on my own. :-/
    I am about to get some helping hands and will come back to you!

    All the best and keep the good work up*