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  • David Gilbert started the conversation

    Hi - 

    I have a simple nav menu with 5 links and a separate menu with a single button. When viewing in Safari on mobile, the button is misaligned and overlapping with the links (see attached). Could you help me fix this?



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    Gabriele replied

    Hello. Please read https://elmastudio.ticksy.com/ticket/1889197/.

    Best regards, Gabriele

  • David Gilbert replied

    Thanks Gabriele - I'm afraid that adding that custom css didn't work :(

    I tried viewing it in multiple browsers.

    Any other suggestions?

  • David Gilbert replied

    Hi again - I found a similar solution:

    .social-links-menu {
        clear: both;

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    Gabriele replied

    Thanks, David, for your sharing your code. Now I see, that I had to add your code too!

    Best regards, Gabriele

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    Ellen replied

    Hi David, Hi Gabriele,

    thanks for much for helping each other out on this question.

    If any of you need further help with the CSS, please let me know at any time.

    Best, Ellen