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How to show category and title


  • Niken started the conversation

    Hello Elma Studio. I purchased Renkon once I saw this nice representation of your customer's website: https://www.formagramma.com/.

    However it seems that they made quite a lot of change from the original theme. For now I have 2 questions about the theme that might need your help:

    1. Is it possible to show each Category (e.g. Photography, Architecture, etc) and Title of each post like on their page by only adding additional CSS and not creating child theme?

    2. About the sidebar menu, how can I change the size and background color (not black). I tried to add CSS on side-bar background but there is seems no change. 

    Thank you!

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    Marc replied

    Hi Niken,

    1) that should totally be possible.

    2) The following sample code should work:

    .js .secondary,
    body.active-sidebar {
        background-color: #ff0000;