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    Bina started the conversation

    Hello I am using a facebook plugin on the side bar which doesn't seem to work very well with chrome. When I scroll down, the facebook-part doesn't get stuck. However it works perfectly fine if resize the window and make it big again. Anyone here who might know the solution? Thanks in advance! 

    This is the page: http://www.babanews.ch/

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    Marc replied

    Hi Bina,

    the problem is based on Uku's JavaScript which cannot determine the height of the widget properly, because the widget itself is being loaded by JavaScriptl afterwards.

    You'd need to adjust Uku's JavaScript to wait for the widget or ask for its height again later.

    Please understand that we cannot provide support for individual customizations.


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    Bina replied

    Hello Marc

    That's  a pity as I have contacted the plugin support and they said the problem is due to an exceptional code in the theme. Is there a possibility to stop the function of the sticking sidebar, so that I just have a "normal" sidebar where the facebook plugin just scrolls up with the page?

    Kind regards, Bina

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    Jennifer replied

    probier mal

    .fb-page.fb_iframe_widget::after {
        content: " ";
        clear: both;
        display: block;

    als zusätzliches css :) So ein ähnliches Problem hatte ich auch mit einem anderen Widget.

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    Bina replied

    Hallo liebe Jennifer, vielen Dank für deine Bemühungen, doch leider hat sich nichts geändert. :(

    Liebe Grüsse, 

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    Marc replied

    Hallo Bina,

    füge bitte einmal ein leeres Textwidget unterhalb des Facebook-Widgets ein.

    Viele Grüße

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    Bina replied

    Hallo Marc,

    super, hat geklappt! Danke für den Trick und liebe Grüsse. :)