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download link update zuki theme


  • Buuf started the conversation


    These are the download instructions on your website:
    You can download the new theme version with the same download link you received with your theme purchase. 

    The link does not work. This is the notification: Entschuldige, dieser Download-Link ist abgelaufen.

    Do you have a active link for me? I want to update the Zuki theme.


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    Ellen replied

    Hi there,

    I'm so sorry for my late reply. I just checked your last purchase and saw that is was already in 2015. Is this correct? If so, unfortunately the download link is invalid, since it is only valid for one year starting from your purchase date.

    So you would need to purchase Zuki again on our website. We will have a blog anniversary discount sale starting at the middle of this week. If you wait until then, you can save a big percentage of the new purchase.

    Please let me know, if you have any questions.

    Best, Ellen

  • Buuf replied

    Hi Elma,

    thanks for your answer. Is this the link?


    What do you recommend to me? Is the single theme enough?

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    Ellen replied

    Hi there,

    if you only want to use Zuki you can purchase the single theme. The Theme Bundle included all our themes, so if you want to try out other themes as well this would be a good option.

    You can use our blog anniversary coupon code "bday2018" until July 18th to get 30% off.

    Best, Ellen