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instalar reCAPTCHA


  • Miguel started the conversation


    ¿cómo puedo instalar reCATCHA de google en UKU?

    Muchas gracias

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    Marc replied

    Hi Miguel,

    we can only answer questions in English and German. I've tried to translate your question automatically.

    You can use a plugin to add reCAPTCHA to your comment forms, but since Uku isn't especially prepared for such plugins, it may be a problem to insert the reCAPTCHA element to this form. In this case you'd need to adjust the theme code.

    I strongly recommend using a child theme for direct code adjustments. A prepared child theme folder is linked in the Uku documentation.

    Please understand that we cannot provide help for unsupported plugins.

    Currently we're working on Uku's comment form implementation. Maybe you can easily use one of those plugins after the next theme update.


  • Miguel replied

    Thank you very much for the help! regards :)