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theme won't install


  • Dominic Grzbielok started the conversation

    Hi, there's an error message when I try to upload the pukeko-master.zip theme from the bundle:

    Theme-Installation aus Datei: pukeko-master1.zip

    Entpacken des Pakets …

    Das Theme wird installiert …

    Das Paket konnte nicht installiert werden. Dem Theme fehlt das Stylesheet style.css.

    Theme-Installation fehlgeschlagen.

    (number1 comes from second try for screenshotting purposes)

    style.css seems to be missing from the theme package.

    Attached files:  pukeko-master-bug.jpg

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    Dirk replied

    Hallo Dominic,

    you have to unzip pukeko-master.zip and to install the pukeko.1.0.3.zip inside the ...master zip.

    best regards