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Missing labels when using different screen resolutions


  • Mario Teetzen started the conversation


    I have problems with integrating a form (cm answers plugin) in the theme.

    If you visit https://kreta.guru/question/add/ with a small screen resolution (and the sidebar is not displayed) then the labels in the form-fields are visible.

    If you visit the url with a large screen resolution (and the sidebar is visible), then the labels are shown. 

    I need advice for a solution.


    best regards, Mario Teetzen

  • Mario Teetzen replied


    The problem was the global definition for the placeholder-color.

    I changed the scope to 

    input#s.field::-webkit-input-placeholder {



    input#s.field:-moz-placeholder {

            color: #fff;


    input#s.placeholder {

            color: #fff;


    Now it's perfect.

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    Ellen replied

    Hi Mario,

    thanks so much for letting us know the solution.

    Best, Ellen