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Enabling Carousel on gallery photos for woo commerce add on


  • Helen started the conversation

    I have the Onigiri theme with woo commerce, I'm losing people when they click on an image in the product gallery as the carousel feature isn't working. Can you assist as I thought this was a feature that should be enabled with this theme? 

    There is a code to force the function but I have no idea where to put this, help please! jp_carousel_force_enablejp_carousel_enqueue_assets, etc.

  • Helen replied

    I have now changed to Weta so this can be closed. Thanks! 

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    Marc replied

    Hi Helen,

    the carousel feature is explicitly supported by Onigiri and should work right away. Maybe it needs to be activated in the Jetpack settings once. Unfortunately Onigiri isn't prepared for WooCommerce, other than the Weta theme, you've chosen now.