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Onigiri theme


  • Akane started the conversation

    Hi there. I'm very happy with the theme including its yummy name. :) I just wander one thing that if I can change a logo image only for About page? I use own logo image with single colour in transparent png. I would like to change the colour as it's the same with the background colour on the page.

    I noticed that the colour for the logo on About page changes along with the content text colour. I basically would like to do the same for the image.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Marc replied

    Hi Akane,

    an easy way would be using CSS filters. The following example code (please add as additional CSS code) should change the color of your logo to white by increasing the brightness. You can simply search the web for "css filters" or even "css filter generator" to find other possible options to this property.

    .template-about #site-header img {
        filter: brightness(1000%);
        -webkit-filter: brightness(1000%);


  • Akane replied

    Awsome - thank you !