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portfolio cateogrization


  • Cheryl started the conversation

    Hello! I am trying to organize portfolio page by categories (CX, segmentation, creation). I am having difficulty creating a 'master category page' and a stand-alone page per project and filing them into each category. I've already looked on several wordpress forums and elma forums, but can't seem to find the answer. 

    Thank you!

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    Marc replied

    Hi Cheryl,

    on the Creation category page, linked from your main menu, you can see the projects, which are assigned to the Creation category: http://cherylhung.xyz/project-type/creation/

    Clicking on a project will display the standalone project page like this one: http://cherylhung.xyz/portfolio/nike-services/

    I'm not quite sure, what you are meaning by "master category page"? Can you try to explain this further?


  • Cheryl replied

    Hi Marc, 

    Sorry - a bit of a newbie using WordPress, all figured out. Thank you!